Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need professional financial advice?
Investment advice from a professional has a long-term track record of better average returns than those who are self-advised.  But more than that, an advisor can coach you through many different financial decisions, from where to save, how to budget, creating a plan to payoff debt, saving for a house, negotiating your employment contract and many more.


Why pay for advice when there are so many free resources out there?
Good question.  The old adage “You get what you pay for” comes to mind.  There are plenty of good, free resources for sure.  But none of them are customized for you, taking into account who you are, where you are today, your plans for the future and how to get there.  On top of that, there is the question of time.  The answers are out there.  Do you have the time to research and find exactly what you need and then are you confident in following that without any other input?


What is the cost?
The initial discovery meeting/call is FREE.  If you choose to engage our help, FCS is a subscription service for $99/mo.  The 2nd month is free, and there is no long-term contract.  There is no setup or up front fee.  Additionally, for every referral that signs up, you will get a free month of service (up to 6 months free per year).


Is the FCS subscription a good value?
We think it is, but the proof is in the pudding.  The average financial planning fee in the industry is over $2,000, and there are no refunds.  With FCS, paying $99/mo with the 2nd month free and no long-term commitment seems like a deal.  Plus, you get access to our account aggregation system, educational resources, custom market updates, and more.


What is your Service response time?
This is one of the key elements of having a personal financial coach.  Are they useful if it takes 3 days for them to get back to you?  Not really.  We strive to respond to all calls/emails/texts within 48 hours, but to be perfectly honest, emails and texts will receive immediate replies during work hours and within 24 hours/7 days per week.  Is that fast enough?  Remember, the person responding to you is your personal coach…not someone on a different continent who doesn’t know who you are.


Why Artifex FCS?
1. How did you find us? Probably from someone you know.  Do you trust them?  We don’t advertise or market online.  All of our clients come from word of mouth referrals.  We take that trust very seriously.
2. Why not engage with a trusted advisor that has your best interest in mind? With no long-term commitment, you can get the advice you need and develop trust instead of working with other financial professionals that may be trying to sell you a product or asking you to pay significantly more.


How do I sign up?
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